Basement wall

Though you may believe that changing or redesigning your home basement is a picnic, it is not at all that easy. Panelling and framing the basement wall structure are doubtlessly the least difficult parts of the project however just how to handle or apply the finishing touches is really what challenges most people in the process. There are quite a few stuff you ought to think about – modifying the floor coverings, replacing the ceiling tiles and choosing the basement wall panels – if ever you plan to turn your basement into one of the pleasing rooms at home.

So when it comes to changing or boosting your basement walls, it’s superior to discover what quality products you want to use. Simply remember that there are numerous selections on the market and they are made specially according to material, resistance from certain variables and insulating material. Given that not all wall panels are built the same way, people need to discover the variances. The wall panels can be drywalls, paints, pre-finished designs or wallpapers and they can also be proof to molds, spills or open fire. In addition, you may basement wall panels that have insulation to keep you from the heat, the cold weather and even sounds.

In general, you can go and visit a number of your local shops to personally notice what ideal wall panels they’ve got or browse through various on the internet suppliers. It can help you come to a decision by looking at the R value or the worth of the basement insulating material in your wall choices along with the thermal mass, another gauge of effectiveness, of each wall design you are preparing to get. Of course, you may need to consider the expense and how adequate the wall panels are in your own basement. In any case, what is important may depend on where you are and how you plan to use your basement area.

  • Homeowners must keep a heads up to any effort from their local power and light, gas company or water supplier to install “smart meters” as replacements for their present traditional meters.

    “Smart meters” are insidious devices that measure the amount of electricity, water or gas used by an individual consumer. They can and are used to regulate the amount of each commodity we are granted to consume as decided by a corporate/governmental bureaucracy.  

    Physical dangers

    Researchers point out these wireless meters will emit perilous radio microwave frequencies throughout our homes every day. Additionally, these smart meters are an invasion of our personal privacy, theft of our personal liberties, and give government “1984” – Big Brother type control of each of us. Give these people the ability to cut off our wattage gas or water and we give them the power to control everything we do and think and say.   

     Researcher Tom DeWeese sees smart meters as part of the U.N. Agenda 21 which is being pushed on us by our present administration.  He quotes U.N. adviser Maurice Strong, a very hazardous and influential collectivist as saying, “Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work air-conditioning and suburban housing are not sustainable.”

    Smart meters fit in with the progressive movement’s efforts to instill “social justice” on us as they define social justice.

    DeWeese adds, “Smart meters or energy audits affect everyone in town. What is the problem? Government is dictating your energy use that you are paying for.”

    Smart meters deny your right to select how much energy you are willing to buy, to determine how warm or cool your house will be, whether to take a hot shower or not. Further, DeWeese germs are to grow if we are not to use water hot enough to kill them.

    If we keep our guard up we can keep these people out of our lives, if not we will become their slaves. It’s not any more complicated than that.

    Use this site to contact your Congressional Representative:

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     In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both.  What have you done this day to deserve to live in America?

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    During the cold, wintry days of February 2005, I was reflecting on my childhood and how my personal life lessons relate to the lives of today’s modern girl. In a profound and brief moment of inspiration, I identified a disconnect from my sense of Self and Spirit when my esteem and overall security and well-being diminished. In my reflections, I realized that I had gone from a happy, bold, and care-free preteen to a self-conscious adolescent lacking confidence, respect, balance, and joy. But what went wrong and why? How did I so suddenly lose that vital connection to my happy and confident self? What could have kept me connected to my divine and magnificent Self and Spirit in my young life? Does this same disconnect happen to today’s girls? My musings took me deeper into my childhood memories searching for clues, and for answers.

    As a young child, I remember being showered with love from my family, friends, and teachers. I remember many fun, happy, and love-filled memories with my immediate and extended family. I remember, too, enjoying school, hanging out with my friends, and loving to play outside on the neighbor’s property, where his horses roamed freely. All the “right” pieces were in place for me to be raised a happy, confident, and connected girl. And then I began to have flashes of a superficially angry but deeply sad girl. I flashed moments of despair and suffering, discord and discomfort. Some of these memories were so powerful that the emotions felt real, some even felt scary. There were two distinct versions of me surfacing in my memories, and I knew that the space between the two versions contained vital clues to understanding how I became so disconnected; clues that could guide me in ways to help the young girls of today stay connected to their divine Spirits.

    One version I remembered of me loved herself, her life and others, while the other version judged herself harshly, ridiculed her life, and belittled others because they weren’t “cool” or “in” or “popular.” I soon identified the space where I lost my connection to my true Self as that very moment when I entered the often cruel and frightening realm of adolescence. What concerned me even more is that I could foresee a possible disconnect from Spirit in the marvelous preteen girls in my life who were on the edge of adolescence. My desire to relate my personal life lessons to those of the modern girl was intensifying, as was my desire to help and to make a difference in their lives. But I was not yet done digging through my past for answers.

    I recognized that during my adolescence I underplayed, gravely, the connection between what I thought of myself and how those thoughts affected my self-esteem, self-confidence, and my precious Spirit. I looked to others for approval and constantly compared myself to others and to the images I saw in the media–especially to those images in teen magazines that seem to be loaded with images of perfection. I never, and I mean NEVER, allowed myself to fully measure up. Furthermore, I became quick to dismiss the compliments of my loved ones and soon my internal dialogue was so nasty that the compliments and accolades I did receive simply disappeared into the deep emptiness I felt inside of myself. The amazing and happy preteen girl, who so freely loved her Self, her family, her friends and her life had been overpowered by a lost, disconnected, and insecure adolescent girl.

    Preteen girls are often open, accepting, talkative, receptive and full of girl power, but as the transition from preteen to adolescence begins, this strong sense of girl power and pride is slowly eroded. Just as I had done as an adolescent girl, many of today’s adolescent girls disregard their unique qualities, traits, talents, and gifts. The emphasis shifts to the body and to the quest for perfection of body, with little and often no regard for the mind and spirit. Often adolescent girls criticize their physical appearance and judge their self-worth and self-esteem by their physical imperfections and their lack of the right weight, height, body shape, hair color…. I recently discovered that girls as young as 6 are now dieting in order to keep their figures slim! Physical perfection is in more than ever before, and from this image of perfection girls are learning that anything less than perfection just isn’t valuable or worthy of positive attention. It is easy to see how the strong sense of girl power during those preteen years so rapidly erodes during adolescence.

    To rebalance our precious girls and to ensure a happy, confident and capable generation of connected women, I believe it is important in the lives of girl’s today that they actively and openly share and celebrate their magnificence, especially as it relates to their minds and spirits and to their qualities, traits, talents and gifts. We must teach girls to strengthen their inner and outer voices. We must teach girls to be supportive and loving, accepting and positive of their magnificent Selves, regardless of this persistent image of perfection. We must help our girls to build solid, beautiful and empowering foundations to live on, or to return to should they become as lost as I had when I was in adolescence.

    You can help to guide girls on their precarious journey toward and through adolescence and make a difference by showing girls that it is okay to share and celebrate their magnificence. Show girls how to build an empowering foundation to live on by teaching them to be comfortable identifying their qualities, traits, talents and gifts and to not feel guilty or shy in doing so. To help strengthen a girl’s foundation even more add the joy of sharing magnificence with loving, supportive and positive family and friends. Teach girls to share, proudly and confidently, their magnificence with others without feeling ashamed or shy. Girls will benefit in many ways by learning that it is okay to be bold, opinionated, and even assertive about their wonderful, magnificent and divine Selves. Beware though that sharing and celebrating achievements, successes, and talents is not viewed by all as an attractive trait in girls, so be sure to prepare your girl for this and teach her how to both meet and overcome this type of resistance.

    Becoming comfortable sharing and celebrating one’s own magnificence is a great way to assist girls in remaining connecting to their precious and divine Spirits. Strengthened self-esteem, and greater self-confidence, happiness, joy and enthusiasm are just a few of the wonderful benefits girls may experience through choosing to share and celebrate their magnificence. Moreover, sharing and celebrating magnificence gives girls strong voices and encourages them to freely express their true Spirit, bold or modest, brazen or timid, assertive or mild. Whatever special qualities, traits, talents or gifts a girl possesses, let us openly and loudly proclaim that being a strong, confident girl, who actively shares and celebrates her magnificence, is magical, empowering, and wise!