Offshore Career: Which Company to Choose?

In every single trading system, a probable dealer should frequently seek the most effective way to survive inside the trade marketplace. Permitting the dealer to get highest market income, stock picks are well thought-out as the very best transaction in stock trading. Highly dynamic worth for stocks ought to be benefited by a trader to grant him to bring in customary business earnings in the stock market.

Day trading’s one main benefit is not having a particular share placed behind the current day of the trading. The chance of increased probable losses may be minimized upon keeping the stocks overnight. The earnings and increased control in no matter what market condition is an additional advantage. Remember that there’s a very limited time in day trading, that is why stock pick is a crucial helping aspect.

Financial deficits might directly have an effect on a day trading this is why many practical entrepreneurs make use of offshore companies as trading mediums. It could bring about negative final result such as segregated markets, elevated instability, substandard profit, and unpredictable prices. A day trader must acquire detailed information about dealing procedures and secuirty measures plus understanding and experience. Over stock variety, this stipulates in depth examination of stock pick lists.

Basing from the set of methods and techniques, stock picks are selected. A day trader can look for dependable updates rendering specialist tips associated with the most active indices and shares.

You can find innumerable world wide web sites supplying picks and advice on day trading. Only to find they might all start by telling you to with an Offshore Company Formation. Direct data are presented by collaborative boards about day trading stock picks. Books are as well readily available for the day trader to refer to in obtaining details about stock picks of day trading, but however, the statistics might not enclose by far the most up-to-date versions. Remember the fact that you possibly can run your trades through an IBC every time.

The Offshore Company Formations are dependable on these kinds of stakes. Stock picking is an ability of choosing stocks centering on clear-cut specifications and aspiring significant revenues. Relating to stock market assets, it is on the of four major methods of investment. Other strategies prominent upon investing are holding and buying, sector timing evaluation, and market timing analysis. If stock pick is effectively applied, a day trader has the opportunity of taking home increased dividends of investment.

Monetary analysis is an additional unsurpassed style in stock picking. By studying the stock financial evaluation, a brief history of the company’s financial conditions is extensively reviewed. PB or Price to Book ratio, ROE or Return on Equity, and PE or Price to Earnings is included in the steps.

The PE is the ratio assessment comparing the company’s recent stock from per-share earnings. PB is the comparing of currency markets value from book value. The ROE determines the business’s economic efficiency.

Temporary stock picks aim to secure trading in the future. That span would be a ceiling of 2 trading days. Short term stock picks are regarded the very if it springs up to 10 percent or higher in one day.

Southern California commuters will be greeted this morning by sprinkles of rain and sunshine showers as a storm system moves into the area, bringing with it a slight chance of thunderstorms, forecasters said.

Between a 1/4 and 3/4 of an inch of rain was expected to be scattered across the region this day in what forecasters would be a “very confused weather picture” throughout the Southland.

“The leading edge of the showers are in Ventura right now; it should be moving into L.A. just in time for rush hour,” said Andrew Rorke, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Oxnard.

Rorke stated there was a 20% chance of thunderstorms that could happen “anywhere, any time.” Wind gusts of 50 to 55 mph were forecast for the desert and mountain areas.

In the mountains, between five and 10 inches of snow was expected above 6,000 feet, prompting winter storm warnings to be issued.

The storm was expected to clear out by late afternoon or early evening, giving way to warm and dry weather for the rest of the week.

Temperatures are expected to climb about 10 degrees Tuesday, and another 10 degrees Wednesday, and warm offshore winds from the north will dry out the region, forecasters said.

“If we can get through the day, things will be quite nice,” Rorke said.


All-women team of Seabees makes history in Afghanistan

Driver arrested on suspicion of DUI three times in five days

Man crushed by tree at Yosemite as storm batters California

— Victoria Kim

Choosing the Right Line

Article by James Swift

Fishing seemed so much easier when I was a child. It seemed like all I needed was my rod, reel, small tackle box with a few sinkers and hooks, and my trusty companion…my dog. Okay, my reel was always half-stocked with a spool of monofilament line, I was still able to catch some awesome fish. I’m grown now, and my fishing gear now includes close to thirty rods and reels, each with their own purpose. These rods and reels are spooled with a large variety of fishing line types; each as one-of-a-kind as the rod and reel they are spooled on.

These days, the tackle industry is complete with an array of fishing lines, but most mainstream fishermen need only three basic types: monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided. Each has a distinct purpose and defining characteristics, whether you are fishing in freshwater, saltwater, or offshore.

For roughly the last half century, fishermen have chosen to use only monofilament line, and it is one of the best selling lines still on the market today. It is made from a single filament of extruded nylon, and is very cost efficient. Monofilament line is extremely strong and rather pliable. It is also fairly stretchy when tense, which is a definite plus when you are fishing for a fighter, since it acts as a shock absorber.

Monofilament line has one major drawback: it has a memory. This means that it has a tendency to spiral off of the spool when cast, and the springy coils soon become tangles, knots, and have other problems. The stretchiness can also create problems, particularly when you are fighting to pull a largemouth from thick weeds or prevent a large striper from escaping by slipping between rocks.

Braided line solves many of these problems, and is made from little braided synthetic fibers. It does not have the memory problem that monofilament has, and it is very strong for its diameter. In fact, a 30-lb braided line has the diameter of an 8 lb. monofilament line in most cases, meaning that you could realistically fill a small trout or bass-sized reel spool with 20 or 30 lb. test. This line does have its own limitations, however, and it has very resistance to abrasion and is very visible. For this reason, only fish with braided line when you are using a non-visible leader.

The final of the basic fishing lines, fluorocarbon is the perfect answer. It has many of monofilament’s advantages and none of braided line’s drawbacks. It is invisible underwater, and is excellent for fishing in shallow water where the fish are simple to scare. Fluorocarbon is also very effective in clear deep water with a high level of view penetration. Abrasion resistance is high, and fluorocarbon is even used for leader material. However, it hasn’t always been popular, and was given bad press in the beginning because it made spooling and casting more difficult due to its rigidity. After ten years of negativity, Fluoro is now very popular and reliable due to advancements in technology.

The types of line available today are very special and individual tools used to make fishing easier. When used right, these lines will also help you catch more and bigger fish.

Maybe fishing was simpler when I was a kid, but my knowledge and familiarity with fishing techniques was childish too. To be honest, I could have kept fishing in my childlike manner, but the desire to learn and reel in larger fish lured me, and I began to discover the benefits of choosing the right kind of line and lure color, and then other helpful things. So, in essence, fishing may not seem as as it did when I was younger, but I am very glad that I can now recognize the tools I have today. I know one thing for sure; they’ve helped me catch more fish.

About the Author

James Swift is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys writing informative and educational articles on fishing. He has writen a variety of articles including information on fishing supplies such as Shimano Reels, Daiwa Reels, and Penn Reels.

Having an offshore account is becoming more and more common these days. There are many reasons why one may choose to open an offshore banking account, however there are three main reasons why an offshore account is a must for many people. These three reasons are protection, profit and privacy. If any of these reasons are important to you when it comes to banking, then opening an offshore account is definitely an option you should pursue.

3. Protection-Higher Levels of Protection for Your Assets

Contrary to popular belief, having an offshore bank account is neither illegal nor immoral. Offshore banking often seems to conjure images of crooks and criminals trying to hide money from the government. The fact of the matter is, having an offshore account offers you a level of protection that you can’t find with any other type of account. Those who are highly concerned about the protection of their assets and finances do quite well with offshore banking. Offshore accounts have a higher level of protection from both business and government entities, and you are guaranteed that both your personal and financial information is kept secure. Offshore banks will not release your information to anyone, and many offshore jurisdictions offer heavy fines and lengthy jail terms for those that would disclose your information to others, which greatly aids in deterring those who have access to your account from releasing it.

2. Profit-Higher Returns and Profits on Your Money

Profit is another reason why many people choose to open an offshore bank account. In many places, there are a wide variety of taxes that must be paid when banking. This is not so with an offshore account. Standard banks not only charge a bank account debt tax and financial institution duty tax, but also tax any interest you may earn on your account. With offshore banking, you do not have to worry about these taxes. You eliminate the factor of having to pay these taxes to your banking institution, which in itself is a way to save money and profit. However, when you also factor in that you will no longer have to pay tax on the interest you accrue, and that banking in an offshore account located in a tax neutral jurisdiction allows you to compound your earnings, you quickly realize that having an offshore account is extremely profitable and beneficial.

1. Privacy-Higher Levels of Privacy for Your Personal and Financial Information

Privacy is the final reason why most people feel having an offshore account is a must. The privacy that an offshore bank account offers goes hand in hand with the level of protection your assets receive. With standard onshore banks, your personal and financial information can be quite easily accessed by almost anyone. With minimal information, an individual could easily gain access to this information and do quite a bit of damage to your finances. Additionally, by law onshore banks must disclose your information to the authorities should they request the information. Offshore banks offer a much higher level of privacy to their customers. Most offshore accounts are located in countries and jurisdictions that do not have such laws that they must comply with. Many offshore banks also offer what is called anonymous banking, which allows you to provide minimal personal information to the facility, which helps to increase the amount of privacy and protection you have.

There are of course various other reasons why one may decide to open an offshore bank account These however are the top three reasons why most people choose to do at least some, if not all, of their banking in an offshore account. If protection, profit and privacy of your assets is important to you, having an offshore account is the only way to go.


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Marketing standards

Digital or traditional marketing fundamentals have not changed since Oog and Ogg left his cave and began to haggle on a stone ax head. Here are some of the rules for marketing success at any age. WII-FM This is the favorite radio station around the world – What's in it for me. Benefits (which is what's in it for me) are the basis of all marketing. The benefits are why people buy. Are the difference in your life that you will buy. Benefits are not characteristic. These are the characteristics of your product, service or company. The benefits are not applications. This is how people use what they sell. The benefits are the difference in your life happens, and to buy something from you. Telling people how they will benefit and who will buy from you. It's almost as simple. Horn Tooting Law No matter how much you wish it were so, people do not just automatically wakes up one morning and decide to buy from you. They need to know first. They need to know what you do and how the purchase will benefit you. No matter how much you wish it were so, the only person you can count on to tell his story it is. Sure, your customers might say good things about you, but you can not count on it. Not if the speaker is going to get gear, it is best that the figure is going to do the playing. That is the Law of Horn Tooting: Toot your own horn so you can not count on the other to sound your horn for you. The marketing magic stone may be magic in the heart of a girl, but there is little magic in the marketing. Regardless of how consultants and motivational speakers can make it appear, you're going to have to work on it. No one, or even two things at once simple, complete and permanent effective marketing. No, if there is a magic stone of marketing is this: Is the bases with constant diligence. And what are the basics, I hear you mourn. You should receive your message so that people recognize his name and associate it with what you do and what makes you different. You should identify prospects and convert a good number of them in shoppers. You must tell people about the benefits of buying from you. That's all folks, customers and potential customers alike. Remember the Law of Horn Tooting. It does not appear that just because you have given people a good service, they'll remember that next time you're ready to buy. You must meet its promises. Otherwise, nothing else matters much. You must keep in touch. If you are not talking to your best customers and prospects that you will not know what their problems are. You will not know when you have a problem with your product or company. And you will not be able to tell you about the pure product or service that is perfect for them. There are other things you should do, like have special programs to get the critical second-order, make things more easier for current and potential customers, and pay attention to your most valuable customers. None of these things, unfortunately, is magical. Rule Riley When I was coach of the NBA, Pat Riley used to have a saying: ". No rebounds, no rings "In other words, if they do important work, there will be a winner. We can translate this into business terms. There is no marketing, no money. Marketing is not a campaign, initiative or program that has been done with it. It's the way we do business. Every day. Every week. Every month. Forever. Kiss Principle I You know that. It has been a staple of motivational speakers and trainers year's sales. Keep It Simple, Silly. You can replace the word S of choice for the last word in the sentence. Keep it simple, because complexity makes you work harder for the same results. When I was starting in business, the company that was with us, did sing spontaneously sprang 8-4-2 until our subconscious. The song meant. Make eight sales calls every working day. A call was where it really spoke to the customer, not only left his card. Demonstrate the product four times a day. About two sales a day. Simple, huh? What is. But we remained focused on the basics. And people who followed the rule tends to be successful. KISS Principle II This is Keep It Smart, Silly. Play the odds. Pay attention to your best customers and best prospects. Pareto is still right, you're going to eighty percent or more of the results of the entire twenty percent of your customers and prospects. If not already done so, make a list of clients and prospects ABC. Then work on that list, paying attention to customers and prospects with greater potential. And do it well. Be sure to call your best customers and potential customers enough for the business you need them. In the twentieth century, the writer Ring Lardner said: "The race is not always to the swift, nor victory to the strong, but that's the way to bet .. "Kiss Principle III This principle is a little different. This principle is not an acronym. This principle is real kisses. Reply to this question. Where are more likely to get your next kiss? It was from a random sample of people who are in the street? Or will you have your last kiss? Most likely your next kiss will come from the place you got your last kiss. Now replace the word "kiss" with the word "sale." People who have bought from you before are more likely to buy again. Furthermore, selling them is more efficient. It costs five times less in terms of money, time and effort to get a sale from an existing customer than it does to create a new customer. And it gets better. Existing customers are likely to buy more profitable products and the longer they remain customers. So the romance of current customers. Show them how much you love them. The iron law of responsibility It's up to you. You are responsible. If the customer makes a bad decision and buy competitors, it's your fault. It's no fault of his client. They made the best decision he could in his situation with that knowledge that was available. If you do not have the right information, you should have said. If you had to decide immediately, should have been available to help. It is not the fault of the world, or a market failure, or failure of your competitor. You are solely responsible for the results of commercialization. Up to you to share the benefits, sound the horn, and after maintaining the fundamentals of marketing every day. Up to you to keep it simple and elegant. Everything depends on the romance of its customers. It's simple, really, but it is not easy, and has not changed for centuries.

Battling an Eating Disorder: When Bulimia Becomes a True American Idol Sized Problem

Starting in the year 2012 and in the month of January, Facebook will be starting the flood of ads in their main news feed with a trickle: one sponsored ad in your main feed per day at the start, with these ads appearing as normal posts save for the small “Sponsored” tag in the comment line. Users wont be able to opt out of seeing sponsored ads in their main news feed, and mobile news feed stories MAY be in the works for 2012 as well. It appears that a few sites from all walks of life such as Inside Facebook and TechCrunch have received confirmation from Facebook that these changes will appear, again, at the of 2012.

There’s certainly no way this action, in whatever set of forms it ends up showing up in, will receive heavy backlash from Facebook users and defectors alike. Facebook will be pushing this project as a value-added adventure where advertisers show off their awesome wares through your friends activities, much than traditional banner ads, for example. On the other hand, Sponsored Ads showing up too often in the main feed, no matter how relevant they are to our daily lives, will result in masses of users exiting the platform.

This isn’t the first step in Facebook’s efforts to turn your activities into advertisements, as you may have seen “Sponsored Stories” showing up on your right-hand sidebar for many months now (starting at the beginning of 2011.) This newest project is essentially the opposite of that, where instead of turning friends activities into ads up on the sidebar, sidebar ads will be showing up in your news feed. The difference between this and straight up dropping banners down in front of you is that these ads will be affected by your activity and perceived interests. Clicking ice cream sandwich pages will result in ice cream sandwiches.

You can see a few use-cases in the gallery here, courtesy of Facebook and TechCrunch. Feel free to let loose on what you think of this situation in the comments below. Time to find a new place to roam, or are ads the way of the future?

Starting in the year 2012 and in the month of January, Facebook will be starting the flood of ads in their main news feed with a trickle: one sponsored ad in your main feed per day at the start, with these ads appearing as normal posts save for the small “Sponsored” tag in the comment line. Users wont be able to opt out of seeing sponsored ads in their main news feed, and mobile news feed stories MAY be in the works for 2012 as well. It appears that a few sites from all walks of life such as Inside Facebook and TechCrunch have received confirmation from Facebook that these changes will appear, again, at the of 2012.

There’s certainly no way this action, in whatever set of forms it ends up showing up in, will receive heavy backlash from Facebook users and defectors alike. Facebook will be pushing this project as a value-added adventure where advertisers show off their awesome wares through your friends activities, much superior than traditional banner ads, for example. On the other hand, Sponsored Ads showing up too often in the main feed, no matter how relevant they are to our daily lives, will result in masses of users exiting the platform.

This isn’t the first step in Facebook’s efforts to turn your activities into advertisements, as you may have seen “Sponsored Stories” showing up on your right-hand sidebar for many months now (starting at the beginning of 2011.) This newest project is essentially the opposite of that, where instead of turning friends activities into ads up on the sidebar, sidebar ads will be showing up in your news feed. The difference between this and straight up dropping banners down in front of you is that these ads will be affected by your activity and perceived interests. Clicking ice cream sandwich pages will result in ice cream sandwiches.

You can see a few use-cases in the gallery here, courtesy of Facebook and TechCrunch. Feel free to let loose on what you think of this situation in the comments below. Time to find a new place to roam, or are ads the way of the future?

Battling an Eating Disorder: When Bulimia Becomes a True American Idol Sized Problem In a People Magazine article, American Idol contestant, Katherine McPhee disclosed that she has secretly suffered from bulimia for the past five years. It was her success in television?s American Idol competition that inspired her to come forward and get help to recover from her life-threatening eating disorder. Katherine, a vocalist who at her worst point was self-inducing vomiting up to seven times a day, claimed that she realized her bulimic behaviors were ?equivalent to taking a sledgehammer to her throat? and brought herself to treatment.

Glamorizing Eating Disorder Illnesses? Or Becoming an Invaluable Role Model?

Some may think when celebrities like Katherine come forward with such problems it only ?glamorizes? the illness and encourages dysfunction in impressionable young people. In reality, some impressionable youngsters may respond by engaging in self-destructive experimentation, but for the most part, the responses of people like Katherine McPhee provide invaluable role modeling for fans.

Though statistics show that 1 percent of young females in this country suffer with bulimia, the numbers most likely do not reflect the enormity of the problem, as bulimia is among the most frequently missed diagnoses, and only a minority of people with eating disorders, especially with bulimia nervosa, are treated in mental healthcare. A problem cannot be solved until it is defined. In coming forward as she has, McPhee has displayed the courage and intention to achieve her dreams, to become proactive in making her life as healthy, gratified and fulfilled as it can be. Despite the widely held misconception that ?once eating disordered, always eating disordered,? eating disorders are fully curable in 80 percent of cases where recognized early and treated effectively. In her forthright and courageous stand, this American Idol contestant has become a true American idol.

Uncovering the Secrets of Bulimia Nervosa and Anorexia Nervosa: The Most Lethal Mental Health Disorders

The most lethal of all the metal health disorders, bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa are extremely hard to recognize. Highly secretive diseases, they rarely show up in doctors? offices during physical or functional assessments; even laboratory tests do not show evidence of eating disorders until they are in their most advanced stages. By their nature counterintuitive, eating disorders typically give victims a pseudo-sense of power and control, creating the illusion of feeling and becoming ?better than ever.? In actual fact, certain stages of recovery feel more precarious and painful than does the disease itself. Making matters even more confusing, many of the symptoms of these lethal disorders lay somewhere along the continuum of normal human behaviors. Who doesn?t overeat, under-eat or engage in emotional or social eating at times?

Eating disorders, which essentially represent an abuse of food in an effort to resolve emotional problems, transcend a dysfunctional relationship with food to represent the tip of a physical, emotional, cognitive, behavioral and social iceberg, with early signs of clinical eating disorders typically evident in diverse life spheres.

8 signs that parents and families may see at home, around the dinner table, in the family bathroom, or the child?s bedroom:

? Erratic eating, eating too much or too little, too frequently or too seldom.

? Dieting and other restrictive eating behaviors (in some instances vegetarianism or skipping meals) that can result in extreme hunger and gorging, irregular menstrual periods.
? Fear of putting on weight, with an all-encompassing preoccupation with food and eating that can account for as much as 80 percent of an individual?s thoughts
? Hiding food, and feeling shame and guilt after eating it. The refusal to eat in the company of others.
? Depressive moods
? Various forms of purging, including self-induced vomiting, excessive exercising, laxative, diuretic, or Ipecac abuse
? Disappearances into the bathroom during or following meals
? Impulsive, immoderate and out of control behaviors beyond the realm of eating, that might include shop lifting, promiscuity, cutting, engaging in chaotic relationships, abuse of substances such as drugs, alcohol, nicotine, diet pills, etc.

There is nothing passive about eating disorders. Always on the move, they are either getting better or you can be certain they are getting worse. Eating disorder recovery can be a long-term process, requiring input from a diverse team of professionals including physicians, psychotherapists, family therapists, nutritionists, psycho pharmacologists and school counselors. The course of recovery will be as variable, must be as comprehensive, and in many ways will feel as convoluted as the course of disease, typically combining outpatient and inpatient treatment milieus and diverse treatment modes. Victims of eating disorders, as young as age 5 or as old as 60, male or female, individuals alone or living within the context of a supportive or not so supportive family system need help to recognize, accept and conquer these diseases?to become capable of reclaiming their lives, proactively, with steadfast commitment? to fight the good fight for life and life quality.

Specializing in the treatment of eating disorders for the past 36 years, Abigail Natenshon, psychotherapist, author of , and director of is on the cutting edge using techniques that enhances your body-and self-image healing. For free resources or to have Abigail speak at your next parental or professional group go to

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How to Get Perfect Prom Photos

Save the Wacky Poses for your own camera
It is not ideal to joke around when preparing to take your prom photos. Doing so will only make these photos look silly. That may not create the memories of your prom. It is beneficial to refrain from making wacky poses in these photos. The types of poses that are in this category include silly facial expressions, hand gestures and odd posture. Prom packages are usually not cheap.

They may cost you or your parents a hefty price. Therefore, it may be ideal to act mature when posing for the professional prom photos. If you want to joke around with classmates and friends, bring a personal camera along to take random throughout the evening. Keeping silly poses confined to your own personal camera will help to get good prom photos. You will then be able to satisfy your parents and also have fun in the process.

Do Not Bring Unattractive Prom Dates
This is a careful area to think about when preparing for your high school prom. The prom date does not have to look like a superstar or be the most popular kid at the high school. However, choosing a prom date that you are attracted to will help to get good prom photos. If you do not view your date as being an attractive girl or boy, how much will you like those prom photos results? There is a good chance that you will not want to send duplicates of your prom to family and friends. This situation can be avoided by choosing a good looking prom date from the start. Since everyone has different opinions on who is attractive, the prom date selection is up to you.

Select a background that compliments your Prom night attire
Many professional photographers who provide services at high school proms bring along a few different backdrops for the pictures. The photographer may recommend a scene for your prom photos. It helps to browse at all of the available backdrops prior to taking your final pictures. This is an important task, especially if the chosen photographer for your high school does not make any suggestions. Choosing a backdrop that compliments your prom dress or suit will help to get good prom photos.

If your sunshine colored attire and a similar backdrop, you may blend into the background. This can take a lot of detail and attention away from you and your date. The backdrop for your prom pictures scene is like an accessory for pictures. It should compliment and add pizzazz to the atmosphere, not overshadow it. Focusing on the fact that you and your date are the main subjects is how to get good prom photos.

Communicate with the photographer
One of the ideal ways to get good prom pictures is by creating an understanding between yourself and the person who holds the camera. Photographers who work high school proms vary by type. Some of them may accept requests for a certain style while others direct you and your date on how to pose for your prom photos. If the communication is not clear, you and your prom date may end up looking like stiff robots. Try to with the photographer and exchange ideas before taking your prom photos.

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Book Review: The Dark Side of the Moon

As a liquid into a clear glass, opinions define their holder. When opinions are forged through the research process, the carrier is often considered as a scholar. When opinions are emotionally delivered from the ether, the support is often considered a curmudgeon.Although Gerard J. DeGroot wearing the academic dress that comes with his position as professor of Modern History at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, which has one foot on the banana peel of curmudgeoness with his new book, The Dark Side of the Moon. DeGroot believes that America was misled politically manned space race during the second half of the 20th century and was fleeced by the Apollo lunar program in particular. He is convinced that, in retrospect, the unmanned exploration, space robotics have been economically, culturally and scientifically superior to the thesis focused method.DeGroot astronaut hero 's is not unique, but there is still room to further convincing arguments in this field of study that might be called New Frontier Redux. The general problem with DeGroot's approach is that he has done no new research evidence and come to any original opinion. We can see right through his ship, so to speak, and can only be half full that.DeGroot proclaiming his opinion supposedly doing unconventional in a conventional manner. He relates a chronological family history of the evolution of rocketry and space travel. Most of his material from other sources who have visited these issues in depth, including Tom Wolfe, William E. Burrows, Dennis and Walter A. Piskiewicz McDougall. For example, large sections of Sputnik Paul Dickson impressive book: The Shock of the century are paralleled thought by thought, paragraph by paragraph, often with attribution, but sometimes not. DeGroot apparently so admired the strange tale of the 19th century called "The brick moon" as told in the opening of 2001 Dickson doubling the history book for the beginning of yours. If DeGroot know it or not, much of the information that tells about rocket pioneer Robert Goddard is Milton Lehman, 1963 Goddard biography entitled The Tall Man, a tool of previous researchers have used. However, there is no attribution and Lehman's book is not listed in the bibliography dark side. Such absence is indicative of the strong dependence upon standing DeGroot sources.While high on the shoulders of giants, DeGroot can not seem to help himself to launch the contradictions in some researchers' findings better. It is prone to do so without any basis in fact and pure emotion, like a poker player bluff with just a couple of deuces. An example is the accusation DeGroot Wehner von Braun affiliation with the Nazi party in the statement that von Braun "enjoyed wearing his SS uniform smarter every time someone visits important Peenemünde," the construction of rockets V- 2. No information provided to substantiate this claim. In fact, it goes against the deep and thorough work of Michael J. Neufeld and his 1995 book entitled The Rocket and the Reich, which determined that von Braun "is known to have worn the uniform at one time, and that was during Himmler's second visit in June 1943, when (Army Colonel Walter) Dornberger had ordered him to. "Dark Side of the Moon is emotional work. When you keep sane, DeGroot is capable of making provocative thoughts, even witty. He describes the Sputnik II, launched by the Soviets in November 1957 as a "satellite weighs about 500 kilos, or about the size of a small car (virtually unknown in America)." Sniffs in the draft the moon: "Expressed in the terms established by the Soviets and Americans, the moon race was superficial and trivial The two superpowers have behaved like two bald men fighting over a comb .." At this level, the writing works well material such as newspaper opinion articles. Not surprisingly, DeGroot writes many articles as a separate text disappointing basis.The has a tendency to dissolve in the diatribe and filtered historical value. DeGroot Pessimism is the parade when he laments: "Virtually every major technological developments, including television, nuclear energy, and the Internet, initially expected to improve the man, either physically or morally, or both. By contrast, men have made more efficient in its moral corruption. "You can only go downhill from there.Indeed, falling like a rock off a cliff. "Instead of goals, Americans were offered fantasies … united by the mantra weak man must explore, "DeGroot preached. "It was a great fantasy, a collective will to enjoy a romantic illusion. Americans did not want to face the harsh reality of what they were trying. I can not believe in cost. They did not want to think about whether the search was no point, purpose or value … The 'need to study "is really a great myth, an imaginary construction used to fleece the taxpayers who indirectly adventure rather than hospital beds. The quest to explore could inspire some people who feel the need to climb Everest or walk to the North Pole, but not an indicator of cultural vitality. The disease is more common among those who lack the imagination to enjoy life on Earth or to see how we can improve. "Just when DeGroot sounds like the last Luddite, spoilers and greedy tightly wrapped in a package that unleashes this characterization gnashing of the space age," Prestige, one thing that does not fill stomachs, and kept the crowd hot or keep out predators, is suddenly the number one priority of a nation under siege … Shortly after Sputnik, the American people took the road surface marking. Forget about democracy, freedom, forget, forget the American dream. The value of a nation will now be measured by its ability to put a dog into orbit. "The use of policy in the manga, DeGroot finds fault with every decision, every word and every action taken by a known Democrat and yet gives Eisenhower and other Republicans, congratulations to govern undiluted thin. The disapproval is too personal, as in this venomous hiss: "Kennedy was very similar to NASA on the surface, the two were handsome, articulate, bold and brave Underneath, both were manipulative, lying, scheming, and untrustworthy … "In a dramatic passage horrible, DeGroot seeks to explain the national race to meet the Kennedy challenge of making a trip insurance moon within the decade of 1960 to say:" One thing is certain . Kennedy was much more valuable to NASA dead than he ever was alive. "Next, the compounds of the outrage over the footnote to another murder conspiracy theory.DeGroot crazy, just do not see the moon as a goal worthy of money, the challenge or the destination. "Why do so many people so eager to go to a worthless rock in the sky?" He asks rhetorically, but then gives an answer anyway, mind-blowingly a ridiculous answer. "Part of the reason was the worship of technology. At that time, technology was synonymous with progress. " This is to make the "time" sound quaint and provincial, but when, pray tell, in the history of mankind has the technology has been synonymous with progress? "Portuguese and Spanish courts have pulled the plug in browsers faster than you can say Basque da Gama, if your trip was entirely esoteric, or if rocks had brought only worthless," said DeGroot in the form to move the fingers. But not to go ahead and admit that is exactly what the U.S. did in 1972 after the course and moon lunar exploration vehicles lost their weaknesses luster.The texture Dark Side of the Moon is a shame, because the issue of continued space exploration deserves intelligent control, both historical and contemporary variety. We must keep weighing the costs and benefits, financial, cultural, technical and spiritual. In 1965, Whitney Young of the National Urban League, said: "It will cost thirty-five billion dollars to put two men on the moon. It would take ten billion dollars to lift all the poor of this country above the official poverty level this year. Something is wrong somewhere. "On the other side of the large coin, J. Robert Oppenheimer notes that scientific discovery is not performed because it is useful, but as is possible. Dark Side of the Moon: The Magnificent Madness of the American Lunar QuestBy Gerard J. DeGrootNew York University Press, 321 pages, $ 29.95ISBN 0814719953

A Replica Watch – The Next Best Thing

Tips about how to Get Low-cost Vintage Marriage ceremony Dresses

Marriage gowns are undoubtedly probably the most essential gown for nearly every woman. Everybody want to be the most wonderful ladies any time put on the wedding attire. Today Classic Motivated Wedding Dresses tend to be turn into additional and more common. Though the considerable price generally helps prevent younger women from pricey custom wedding gowns. Thus easy methods to get low-priced yet excellent vintage bridal dresses? The following Ill generate several hints help obtain inexpensive Classic Bridal dresses. First of all, invest attention for the price decrease information regarding wedding dress retailers.

When purchasing with regard to bridal dresses, research for the phone book for that record of bridal dress retailers that provide lower price bridal gown.Yoga Costume The majority of shops may post it ought to they supply wedding dresses for a cheap price. They’re betting that a lot of individuals are looking for a great worth. But don’t rely for the phone book to write all the stores offering an individual low cost matrimony dress. Secondly, luxury yoga bags should you be not satisfied using the worth from the genuine local retailers, you are able to run into antique wedding gowns online. Purchase wedding dresses will probably be far more low-priced compared to purchasing by means of real shops. It is possible to generally investigate vintage wedding dresses beneath $100 or even $200; on the other hand the wonderful and elegance isn’t substandard to inside the wedding dress retailers. Thirdly, whats more mature is totally new once again.

So you might have a glance at the moms as well as aunties a wedding dress. Their particular vintage bridal dresses it’s still scorching and well-liked nowadays and also its the most inexpensive means to fix obtain a vintage bridal dress I could sense. Should they do have one,full length evening dress after that what you should perform is to discover seamstress each with your loved ones or perhaps with a division retailer to improve outlines, modify control keys, contributes or restore a zipper or maybe change the gown into the most widely used style. Eventually, I must that it’s not hard to discover wonderful as well as low-priced Antique Wedding Dresses, especially getting on the net. The following Id select to advocate an on the net shop to purchase inexpensive wedding dresses on-line. It really is C The compare prices websites. Wish you might locate appropriate antique marriage gown dresses right here.


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Glashütte Original Senator Chronometer

If you are looking for a classic dress watch you really go past high-quality German watchmaker Glashütte Original. Combining exceptional craftsmanship with no nonsense German design, the brand continually produces highly desirable, ageless timepieces. Case in point: the Glashütte Original Senator Chronometer.Breguet replica

Classic Design
The Senator Chronometer features everything you’re looking for in the perfect dress watch. The silver dial provides a richly contrasting surface for the hand-polished, blued sweep minute and pear-shaped hour hands. Elegantly simplistic it features subsidiary seconds and power reserve displays along the central axis with the latter, located at 12 o’clock, displaying the energy remaining to the hour.Bvlgari replica

It’s worthwhile taking a bit of time to discuss this seemingly simplistic looking dial, as is often the case, appearances are deceiving. not immediately apparent, an extensive manufacturing process goes into making the dial’s seemingly simple surface. Despite the additional time and cost involved, the manufacturer has chosen to employ a vintage tradition: a technique known as l’argenture grainée, a frosted silver plating.replica Chopard watches

The first step in this complex process consists of machine-blasting the surface of the brass dial with a mixture of water, chalk, and wood. Then a paste containing silver powder and water is carefully applied by hand to the blasted surface. The end result is a truly captivating dial that draws the eye without being too flashy or shiny.Concord replica

German Precision
It would not be a classic German watch, however, if the focus was purely aesthetic. As the name suggests, the movement is a highly accurate chronometer. In order to achieve this title the movement is required to satisfy a series of tests performed by official independent institutes. The focus of these tests is to determine the exacting level of rate precision of the timepiece utilizing standardized measuring procedures. Only with certification from an authorized institute is a timepiece granted to be called a chronometer.

Whilst it goes without saying that at Glashütte Original all manually wound calibers are tested according to these strict criteria, the Senator Chronometer is the first timepiece with official confirmation in the form of a certificate.

Thanks to the redesigned Glashütte Original manual winding Caliber 58-01 which powers this masterpiece, precise synchronization of the minute and second hands has now been made possible. A stop-seconds / reset mechanism grants the wearer to set the precise time with ease. Pulling the crown stops the time display and causes the second hand to jump to the beginning position, where it remains; the minute hand moves simultaneously to the next full minute. When the crown is then turned to set the time, the minute hand stops only on the indication of the full minute, thus always guaranteeing the correct relationship between the minutes and seconds displayed.replica Ferrari watches

Providing the perfect view of this finely completed movement is an anti-reflective sapphire crystal case back. Glashütte are well known for their ornate movements and this one is no exception. The owner has a privileged view of the three-quarter plate, screw-mounted gold chatons, and hand-engraved balance cock. Of special note are the newly developed planetary gears that control the display of the movement’s power reserve. When fully wound the Caliber 58-01 has a power reserve of 45 hours.

Available in either rose or white gold, and off by a black Louisiana alligator skin strap with a folding clasp for a secure and comfortable fit.

The Final Word
I think it’s fair to say that Glashütte Original make phenomenal watches. Of special note are the classic pieces such as the one shown above which provide the perfect blend of aesthetic and mechanical perfection to create truly timeless watches that can be worn on any occasion and showcase a level of sophistication not often seen.Porsche Design replica

Yes, they are high-priced watches but this is an investment not only for your lifetime but all for future generations to come. They are simply that good.

Practical iphone 4s cover for your business

Posted on TRMM by Doctor

All the artstudio is in comparison to the Photoshop or possibly Application Retailer Executive style job applications who are suited for laptop and additionally desktops producing efforts. The same selection of works and additionally sucking job applications is located in this valuable new iphone 4s cover practical application – artstudio. Artstudio is more preferable depth. other sorts of famous new iphone4 job applications that include isketch or possibly Brushes. Artstudio is far quite a bit easier and has countless others qualities, appeal and additionally service afterward all of these job applications. All the artstudio incorporates a fully totally unique brand of smoothing protocol which has constructed.

For that matter, the applying is generally known as a wonderful mate just for high quality writers and singers. It is a terrific sucking product for freshies for the practical application carries many different sucking modules by means of instruction by instruction operating instructions just for sucking varieties of visuals. The applying qualities 27 varieties brushes that is included in brushes, erasers, pencils, pail occupy, smudge product, airbrush, light, airbrush, bottle feeding and much more. By means of complex locations that serves actions distinct guidelines using real-time critique at all about brushes. By means of qualities that include marks moving about, simulated painting brush anxiety, cruising by means of blocking and additionally ould like aliasing, the applying will get superior. All the artstudio comes with two varied sucking modalities free of cost take lacking smoothing, free of cost take by means of smoothing and additionally marks. All the artstudio if famous now for the particularly snug program and therefore the watches which has been loaded whether for complex this straight forward option.

Alternate options that include eliminate replica reorder transparent contribute slicing edge blend ly visible openness starts advertising all the most extreme recognized for the practical application.

  1. Tier changes are likewise practical choosing alternate options that include push switch flip over continuum.
  2. The applying equally will allow for numerous come near this mobile phone and additionally always been boundless the lens quality.
  3. All of the you decide to do is normally spigot and additionally put to grant for bedroom picker. All the artstudio equally qualities custom color choice swatches and additionally complex color choice incorporate keywords as being a definite opportunity.
  4. There is four degrees of remodel and additionally undo-options choices and additionally you’re able to healthy pack upload any efforts from high-end camera or possibly gallery to make sure you dispatch the software just by electronic mail.
  5. Alot more is as well practical by means of any via the internet gallery and additionally one additional get rid of palate. Using specialized outcome that include hone, blur, frame determine and is as well practical.

All the artstudio practical application is a really awesome mate for everyone so, who takes pleasure in style. New iphone4 practical application production becomes being a important for those this kind of tool have the software. New iphone4 isn’t really a hassle-free telephone which usually processes sole the intention of telecommunication.

Regardless it offers more thatn enough qualities. New iphone4 is about the contributing mobile phone designs you can find.

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swiss replica watches

A long time ago, watches had been considered as mere timepieces. Replica watches hadn’t been manufactured and folks ended up happy with the straightforward watches that they were familiar with wearing. There seemed to be no need for replicas considering that most of the watches were very simple and low-priced. Of course, there were a variety of different watches that were being built with precious metal, but then this on it’s own was not enough for anyone to go and purchase them. Gold was not very expensive, neither were the watches constructed from them.

In recent years however, there has been a rise of replicas available. The newest era of professionals possess sufficient money to savor the luxury things in their life. On the other hand, not everyone has the personal capacity. These kinds of specialists have found hope by having these kinds of cost-effective luxury items. There are two key advantages of selecting these. Firstly, a person will not have to pay a substantial amount to buy them and secondly, these are designed for almost all the primary and expensive brand names. Individuals love to display themselves and adore showing off, specifically while socializing with women, and among the best ways of showing your individual class can be by wearing a replica watch.

Through donning a replica watch you are able to be certain that you’ll continually be one step higher than the rest which suggests acquiring a more significant chance of securing your boss’ focus or seeing the chick of the party getting close to you. With a good raise in income along with the succeeding boost in getting power, there are numerous people who can purchase the genuine article, still many of them choose to purchase a replica. There are certain explanations why consumers wear a replica once they can easily find the money for the real one. These folks have an interest in having the best in both worlds. They prefer to dress themselves in a number of the best wrist watches ever before designed and yet they just don’t wish to pay these extremely high costs. This is the principal rationale for the reason why some people pick an alternative to an original.

The discerning consumer gets into them for the reason that they desire to wear exclusively the very best. They cannot afford the costs of the authentic designs. Have you ever observed any major movie star personality sporting ordinary brand names? They choose brand name designer watches that double as status symbols. If you would like duplicate the standards of living belonging to the rich and popular, the easiest way would be to wear watches of popular brands. People that are worried about the looks and level of quality of these Swiss replicas do not need to be worried.

While one are unable to expect genuine precious gems and various expensive stones within these, you can rest assured that their looks are a virtual manifestation of the authentic models. It would require an expert to be able to differentiate between the real watches and the look-alike ones. They are usually clever representations of all the styles in the leading companies. Whilst these types of replicas will not cost too much, for the typical individual, they seem similar to the expensive, highly priced kinds that only the wealthy and influential use. These are the principle causes of the escalating needs of these products.

Even the trademarks of the companies tend to be carefully detailed within all these Swiss replicas. One will probably be amazed at the specifics that they contain. Due to these watches, even people who may not be financially able are now able to afford these major brand names. It is far from unusual to see that folks are getting several various models. Men and women have got a habit of showing off and a replica watch helps them in achieving their own ambitions. There are plenty of buyers who purchase a good variety of them when they had originally meant to purchase only one. They had certainly not thought that they would be offered at such inexpensive prices.

Replica watches are available for all leading brand names. Whenever a different product arrives, be sure that there will be their replica equals in a month or so. In the end, anyone is able to afford a replica watch or two. They’re readily available for a fraction of the price of the genuine types and there is certainly absolutely no reason why the trend-conscious would avoid using them. Check out all the top designs today.

Summer Fun at Camp Cimarron in Payne County, Oklahoma

When I was in junior high and high school, I looked forward to summertime each year, and not because it meant the escape of school, but because it mean that it was time to attend Camp Cimarron. Many of my friends were forced into music camp and sports camp and personal camp by their parents, but I chose to attend Camp Cimarron because it was one of the most entertaining ways to spend my free time.

Owned by Camp Fire Boys and Girls, Camp Cimarron is an excellent combination of human values, Christian practices, and more fun than a kid can stand. Rather than focusing on one particular activity, Cimarron touches on scores of different interests that of all ages are encouraged to explore. Campers are allowed to select three main activities and one additional event in which to participate, and through the course of a seven-day session, are taught the basics in those activities.

In addition to chosen special activities, campers also participate in daily swimming hours and nightly events, such as talent shows and dances. Twelve campers each session, in the 8th-12th grades, can sign up for “Wrangler Unit,” meaning that they work exclusively with the horses in Ben’s Barn. They assist Horseback Staff in teaching the younger students and learn the responsibilities and duties surrounding horse care. Meals are eaten in the Canodge, which is the Camp Dining Hall, and trail rides and hikes are taken throughout the miles of trails winding through Camp Cimarron.

Each afternoon, campers also have an opportunity to have a snack at the Canteen, which sells chips, cokes, candy bars, and cookies. Parents can add a Canteen Account for their before camp starts so that children can buy goodies. They also sell t-shirts, caps, jewelry, and other Camp Cimarron apparel for campers to take home with them.

Some of the main options to select from are rapelling, horseback riding, archery, arts & crafts, ultimate frisbee, carpentry, dancing, drama, tennis, soccor, baseball, basketball, rock climbing, jousting, fire building, and astronomy. All of the counselors are trained and/or certified in the fields they teach, and they are required to demonstrate skills before employment. The counselors are also required to be certified in First Aid, and there is a registered nurse on staff during each session.

Camp Cimarron is located at the edge of the Cimarron River, and after 66 years of business, there are hundreds of stories surrounding the camp. One is the Cimarron Lady story, which counselors tell kids when they sleep at night. There is also Tajar, the animal who lives in the Cimarron Trees and who keeps watch over campers while they play and learn.

Counselors are never called by their actual names; they make up there own before the begin of camp. Examples are Miss Sorrel, Mr. Scooby, Miss Oops, and Miss LMNO. They paint their dining chairs during counselor training, and are much loved by the campers with whom they live.

To learn more about the exciting world of Camp Cimarron, visit You can learn about how to get your kids involved, or how to become a counselor yourself. Sessions span the length of summer, and fill up fast. And if your kids want to sell candy for Camp Fire, they can earn deductions on camp sessions. thereby lessening the strain on parents’ wallets.

Cimarron is located off State Highway 33 in the middle of Coyle, Oklahoma, which is in Payne County, approximately an hour from Oklahoma City. Campers should always bring a trunk with clothes, sleeping bags, a pillow, a water jug, sunscreen, paper and envelopes with which to write home, boots, toiletries, and anything else they might need during their stay. Medications must be registered with the camp nurse prior to your child’s stay, and an emergency contact must also be provided. Remember to pack a jacket or sweatshirt because Cimarron nights can be chilly!

All in all, Camp Cimarron is a happy, healthy, safe place to leave your while you enjoy a week of relaxation!

Graphic Art by

Basement wall

Though you may believe that changing or redesigning your home basement is a picnic, it is not at all that easy. Panelling and framing the basement wall structure are doubtlessly the least difficult parts of the project however just how to handle or apply the finishing touches is really what challenges most people in the process. There are quite a few stuff you ought to think about – modifying the floor coverings, replacing the ceiling tiles and choosing the basement wall panels – if ever you plan to turn your basement into one of the pleasing rooms at home.

So when it comes to changing or boosting your basement walls, it’s superior to discover what quality products you want to use. Simply remember that there are numerous selections on the market and they are made specially according to material, resistance from certain variables and insulating material. Given that not all wall panels are built the same way, people need to discover the variances. The wall panels can be drywalls, paints, pre-finished designs or wallpapers and they can also be proof to molds, spills or open fire. In addition, you may basement wall panels that have insulation to keep you from the heat, the cold weather and even sounds.

In general, you can go and visit a number of your local shops to personally notice what ideal wall panels they’ve got or browse through various on the internet suppliers. It can help you come to a decision by looking at the R value or the worth of the basement insulating material in your wall choices along with the thermal mass, another gauge of effectiveness, of each wall design you are preparing to get. Of course, you may need to consider the expense and how adequate the wall panels are in your own basement. In any case, what is important may depend on where you are and how you plan to use your basement area.

  • Homeowners must keep a heads up to any effort from their local power and light, gas company or water supplier to install “smart meters” as replacements for their present traditional meters.

    “Smart meters” are insidious devices that measure the amount of electricity, water or gas used by an individual consumer. They can and are used to regulate the amount of each commodity we are granted to consume as decided by a corporate/governmental bureaucracy.  

    Physical dangers

    Researchers point out these wireless meters will emit perilous radio microwave frequencies throughout our homes every day. Additionally, these smart meters are an invasion of our personal privacy, theft of our personal liberties, and give government “1984” – Big Brother type control of each of us. Give these people the ability to cut off our wattage gas or water and we give them the power to control everything we do and think and say.   

     Researcher Tom DeWeese sees smart meters as part of the U.N. Agenda 21 which is being pushed on us by our present administration.  He quotes U.N. adviser Maurice Strong, a very hazardous and influential collectivist as saying, “Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work air-conditioning and suburban housing are not sustainable.”

    Smart meters fit in with the progressive movement’s efforts to instill “social justice” on us as they define social justice.

    DeWeese adds, “Smart meters or energy audits affect everyone in town. What is the problem? Government is dictating your energy use that you are paying for.”

    Smart meters deny your right to select how much energy you are willing to buy, to determine how warm or cool your house will be, whether to take a hot shower or not. Further, DeWeese germs are to grow if we are not to use water hot enough to kill them.

    If we keep our guard up we can keep these people out of our lives, if not we will become their slaves. It’s not any more complicated than that.

    Use this site to contact your Congressional Representative:

      To read more about this issue use these links:

    See Coach on Youtube! Go to the new Coach’s Locker Room page to see and what the Coach has to state on the issues that conservatives care about.

     In this world you may have knowledge or you may have repose, but you may not have both.  What have you done this day to deserve to live in America?

     Comments on this or any other essay can be sent by following the posting instructions below.

    During the cold, wintry days of February 2005, I was reflecting on my childhood and how my personal life lessons relate to the lives of today’s modern girl. In a profound and brief moment of inspiration, I identified a disconnect from my sense of Self and Spirit when my esteem and overall security and well-being diminished. In my reflections, I realized that I had gone from a happy, bold, and care-free preteen to a self-conscious adolescent lacking confidence, respect, balance, and joy. But what went wrong and why? How did I so suddenly lose that vital connection to my happy and confident self? What could have kept me connected to my divine and magnificent Self and Spirit in my young life? Does this same disconnect happen to today’s girls? My musings took me deeper into my childhood memories searching for clues, and for answers.

    As a young child, I remember being showered with love from my family, friends, and teachers. I remember many fun, happy, and love-filled memories with my immediate and extended family. I remember, too, enjoying school, hanging out with my friends, and loving to play outside on the neighbor’s property, where his horses roamed freely. All the “right” pieces were in place for me to be raised a happy, confident, and connected girl. And then I began to have flashes of a superficially angry but deeply sad girl. I flashed moments of despair and suffering, discord and discomfort. Some of these memories were so powerful that the emotions felt real, some even felt scary. There were two distinct versions of me surfacing in my memories, and I knew that the space between the two versions contained vital clues to understanding how I became so disconnected; clues that could guide me in ways to help the young girls of today stay connected to their divine Spirits.

    One version I remembered of me loved herself, her life and others, while the other version judged herself harshly, ridiculed her life, and belittled others because they weren’t “cool” or “in” or “popular.” I soon identified the space where I lost my connection to my true Self as that very moment when I entered the often cruel and frightening realm of adolescence. What concerned me even more is that I could foresee a possible disconnect from Spirit in the marvelous preteen girls in my life who were on the edge of adolescence. My desire to relate my personal life lessons to those of the modern girl was intensifying, as was my desire to help and to make a difference in their lives. But I was not yet done digging through my past for answers.

    I recognized that during my adolescence I underplayed, gravely, the connection between what I thought of myself and how those thoughts affected my self-esteem, self-confidence, and my precious Spirit. I looked to others for approval and constantly compared myself to others and to the images I saw in the media–especially to those images in teen magazines that seem to be loaded with images of perfection. I never, and I mean NEVER, allowed myself to fully measure up. Furthermore, I became quick to dismiss the compliments of my loved ones and soon my internal dialogue was so nasty that the compliments and accolades I did receive simply disappeared into the deep emptiness I felt inside of myself. The amazing and happy preteen girl, who so freely loved her Self, her family, her friends and her life had been overpowered by a lost, disconnected, and insecure adolescent girl.

    Preteen girls are often open, accepting, talkative, receptive and full of girl power, but as the transition from preteen to adolescence begins, this strong sense of girl power and pride is slowly eroded. Just as I had done as an adolescent girl, many of today’s adolescent girls disregard their unique qualities, traits, talents, and gifts. The emphasis shifts to the body and to the quest for perfection of body, with little and often no regard for the mind and spirit. Often adolescent girls criticize their physical appearance and judge their self-worth and self-esteem by their physical imperfections and their lack of the right weight, height, body shape, hair color…. I recently discovered that girls as young as 6 are now dieting in order to keep their figures slim! Physical perfection is in more than ever before, and from this image of perfection girls are learning that anything less than perfection just isn’t valuable or worthy of positive attention. It is easy to see how the strong sense of girl power during those preteen years so rapidly erodes during adolescence.

    To rebalance our precious girls and to ensure a happy, confident and capable generation of connected women, I believe it is important in the lives of girl’s today that they actively and openly share and celebrate their magnificence, especially as it relates to their minds and spirits and to their qualities, traits, talents and gifts. We must teach girls to strengthen their inner and outer voices. We must teach girls to be supportive and loving, accepting and positive of their magnificent Selves, regardless of this persistent image of perfection. We must help our girls to build solid, beautiful and empowering foundations to live on, or to return to should they become as lost as I had when I was in adolescence.

    You can help to guide girls on their precarious journey toward and through adolescence and make a difference by showing girls that it is okay to share and celebrate their magnificence. Show girls how to build an empowering foundation to live on by teaching them to be comfortable identifying their qualities, traits, talents and gifts and to not feel guilty or shy in doing so. To help strengthen a girl’s foundation even more add the joy of sharing magnificence with loving, supportive and positive family and friends. Teach girls to share, proudly and confidently, their magnificence with others without feeling ashamed or shy. Girls will benefit in many ways by learning that it is okay to be bold, opinionated, and even assertive about their wonderful, magnificent and divine Selves. Beware though that sharing and celebrating achievements, successes, and talents is not viewed by all as an attractive trait in girls, so be sure to prepare your girl for this and teach her how to both meet and overcome this type of resistance.

    Becoming comfortable sharing and celebrating one’s own magnificence is a great way to assist girls in remaining connecting to their precious and divine Spirits. Strengthened self-esteem, and greater self-confidence, happiness, joy and enthusiasm are just a few of the wonderful benefits girls may experience through choosing to share and celebrate their magnificence. Moreover, sharing and celebrating magnificence gives girls strong voices and encourages them to freely express their true Spirit, bold or modest, brazen or timid, assertive or mild. Whatever special qualities, traits, talents or gifts a girl possesses, let us openly and loudly proclaim that being a strong, confident girl, who actively shares and celebrates her magnificence, is magical, empowering, and wise!

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