What Is Audience Targeting?

Incidentally, at some thing like SXSW, there are a good deal of youthful people today who take place to be quite rich. In other words, I really don’t know why a brand like Maxim wouldn’t be catering to a youthful, tech-savvy, social crowd in lieu of a much older (nevertheless rich) crowd at the Masters.

I could be entirely improper, and Maxim may well be onto one thing huge turning what some folks (not me) see as a sleepy golf tournament into a spectacle that rivals the Tremendous Bowl. But I you should not consider I am. It is just…various. They really should realize exactly where their roots are demographically, what public perception implies (in addition to sector research), and concentrate on a thing like SXSW or any number of other similar main occasions in which there are 1000’s of men and women clustered.

One spokesperson for the corporation is quoted: “The Masters is a single of the ultimate guy weekends,” he explained. “There’s a great deal of company folks there, there’s a good deal of shopper-internet hosting and there are a good deal of men who have reached a specified status, economically and otherwise. It really is a place for us to be.”

Audience Targeting or “Re-Targeting” allows you to define a group of users and advertise to only those users across the entire SiteScout RTB network. By creating a group of users who have all visited the same webpage or completed the same action, advertisers are able to build their own personal audience which is custom tailored to their product or service.  Once the audience is created, the advertiser can launch a media buy on SiteScout RTB targeting only those users in that audience.

While some campaigns target websites which are known to have a certain demographic of visitor, audience targeting focuses on the visitor themselves making the category and demographic of the website less significant.  If a user has visited pages about Product A in the past, it can be assumed that they would respond to ads about Product A, even if they are on a website that is unrelated to that product.

Knowing you have found the right target market for your product or services will be based on a few factors. This would include the trending of your market and what the current focus is that pertains to your product or service as well as your advertising or marketing approach otherwise known as your “niche”.

In my experience you will want to have your main niche marketing strategy, and then a back up niche marketing strategy. For example a test A and test B approach. This will help you determine that you have truly found your correct market. Although, if you do your research thoroughly, your test A and test B marketing niche should not be too far from each other and only some minor tweaks between each niche would be needed. This would be the fine tuning so to speak which may be needed to better target your audience just in case you may have missed a segment in one test compared to the other.

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